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New iPhone by Apple (ROUND, LEAKED)

January 8, 2015
ADA Sport asked:

Introducing Apple’s Newest iPhone. With everybody guessing as to what the new iPhone 6 is going to look like, we actually know the truth from a quality leake…

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  1. ADA Sport Said,

    New Site

    What other cool features of iPhone C.U.P.S. you can think of? ?

  2. ADA Sport Said,

    Scrap Buyer

    This is it. The votes are in. The 2013 ADA Sport Champion and the team that
    walks away with $10k prize is?

  3. Nikolai Prettner Said,

    New Site

    Apple, you’ve outdone yourselves!?

  4. Gohldy Said,

    New Site

    Id’e say that the guys at apple are real dickheads. ?

  5. Joshua James Said,

    Ask Doctor


  6. Da Best Gamer Said,

    English Tutor


  7. Alexander Joerke Said,

    package #

    Apple, you’ve outdone yourselves!?

  8. PurpleHelmetAvenger Said,


    Dude I’m having a nightmare! Wake me the **** up!?

  9. Scullywag LeScrumpy Said,


    what a bunch of *dickheads* amirite? yeah? yeah.?

  10. Themysterymove Said,

    lets share

    Sexual Lobster??

  11. Xcriptical Said,


    I saw a illuminati Symbole 0:40?

  12. ThisusernameistoolongtobeacceptedbythetermsofusethatIdontgiveaflyingfuckabout Said,

    free screensavers

    This reminds me of charlie the unicorn?

  13. TheGrimlean Said,


    lol only dickheads buy I c.u.p.s and apple is illuminati ?

  14. FightEcke Said,

    Used Mobiles

    Tha **** did i just watch?

  15. the longest name you'll ever see because dimond hard nipples that peirce through lols@holocaust dick Said,

    New Site

    i’d like to buy an i cups please?

  16. Jenaro Aragon Said,

    penny stocks

    Is this sexual lobster??

  17. OgoMaster Said,

    italia soccer

    If all there heads are on their crotch were is their crotch??? ?

  18. Sofia smosh Said,

    New gadgets

    did anyone else go “WTF DID I JUST WATCH?

  19. Jessica Jones Said,

    Car Collectors


  20. videogiocatore3 Said,

    savings insurance

    Enough internet. For 1 year.?

  21. Harry Livesley Said,

    New Site

    Why are their heads where their ******** are meant to be??

  22. FlashBash64 Said,

    Thats Cute

    Yahoo news articles in a nutshell.?

  23. tooobreezy Said,

    Better than Geccko

    Lol 64 gigs of water.?

  24. PJ Kempen Said,

    Ask Doctor

    The **** did I just watch??

  25. DeadlyWhovian Said,

    Used Mobiles

    This gives a new meaning to **** head ?

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