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Live working GPS demo on the iPhone (NEW)

January 14, 2015
pmgriphone asked:

Read http://iphone-gps.blogspot.com/ for more details on this project. This is a video of a new plug-in GPS module working on an iPhone (can also be used on …

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  1. Renato Donadio Said,


    With the new iPhone you could download only the software (possibly at the
    Apps Store), because the receiver is built in

  2. Csaba Farkas Said,

    New Dir

    yes it dose talk, like any other gps voice guided turn by turn. It dose on
    my iphone 3g

  3. VincentVBoold Said,

    updated proxy

    @csabi72 yeah iPhone 3G and + has a GPS but iPhone 2G does not have GPS …

  4. cmegens Said,

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    Nope, this guy is Dutch, so he basically is your neigbour on the other
    side. As being Dutch myself, I must say his accent doesn’t sound really
    Dutch though… To the poster: Cool stuff, and nice blog! Ga zo door!

  5. g25a25c Said,

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  6. CheGevara2 Said,

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    good work!!!

  7. shadowheart43 Said,

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    its fake.. don’t you guys notice? they are just trying to make a scene….
    many do that..

  8. pmgriphone Said,


    Do a google search for iGPS360 Orange Gadgets

  9. Foster Lockwood Said,

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    You could slap a new plastic casing on it, no one would know the difference

  10. brandon grego Said,

    English Tutor

    t moble? why does it say t mobele for the service?

  11. pan stav Said,


    It’s a HTC touch cruise, Windows 6.0. But already left behind, check out
    the htc diamond coming out in June. I still love my phone though, it’s sad
    to say but it has changed my life.

  12. scavenger894 Said,

    0 credit

    @MattGerm3 i use tomtom and it doesnt use any data

  13. painxblood Said,

    New Site

    how do i get that gps?

  14. giodog2000 Said,

    sell it fast

    Have you ever seen some palm trees in Canada? Just from that I know he is
    not french canadian…. Cause here in Quebec , snow and palm trees don’t
    mix hahahahahahahha.

  15. SickAudi Said,

    local radiology

    not the 3g

  16. JanSze123 Said,

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    no german accent is even worse ๐Ÿ˜€ I think he’s polish or russian or
    something like that. I’m german and germans don’t speak like that

  17. Ian Duffy Said,

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    cool thanks, ill check it out! I’ve heard of them alright! Some ****
    thought i was askin what phone was in the video, obvo an iphone!

  18. airbus91 Said,



  19. AMFxCful Said,

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    @pmgriphone nope it works great

  20. drtyse4 Said,

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  21. seabee1018 Said,

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    Apple would..anything that uses the connector needs to be approved by Apple

  22. Foster Lockwood Said,


    That’s awesome, you could make a couple of bucks making those and selling
    them online. I would buy one ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. tommyaceshow Said,

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    U could of showed us if it could speak to you and give u directions??

  24. MRJOKHOE1 Said,

    house music

    Nice but what about charging the iphone when your on your way??

  25. MRJOKHOE1 Said,

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    @Martin BLABLABLA

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