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iPhone 6 Concept Features

February 12, 2015
AatmaStudio asked:

New iPhone 6, New iPad & iPad Mini come together in this iPhone 6 concept must see video. This CG iPhone 5 has a longer iPhone design, iPhone 6 new larger ho…

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  1. tj goffe Said,


    Dang this phone is so fake like your video on the iPhone 5 ?

  2. jonatanthegunshooter berg Said,

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    this is so fake?

  3. hong chau Said,

    0 credit

    It is fake or real??

  4. D.V Said,

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    Tha last one…
    maybe on 2050.?

  5. ArcticTaco Road_To_1k Said,


    Fingerprint scanning would be litterly stupid. Oh I got a scratch on my
    finger. There goes my iphone. ?

  6. Metin Purde Said,

    hello kitty

    Bitch you guessed it huh ?

  7. Miracle Monkey Said,

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  8. Aures Villa Said,

    Recovery Discs

    rubber band hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?

  9. HDMustafa Said,

    Home Theatre

    For fucks sake what is the name of the music? Really no one knows????

  10. Alora Childers Said,

    highest mpg

    If you would all read the description, You would know that it says
    ‘concept’. There is absolutely no need for unkind words. If you did not
    like the video. Just do not watch it. Therefore there will be no need for
    hateful comments. Thank you!?

  11. Sids Got This Said,

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    Rubberband electronics ???? WTF?

  12. Amir Mohammed Said,

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    I wish?

  13. Jimena del Carmen Trejo Islas Said,


    Lo de el pulgar y todo eso??

  14. Alexander Willette Said,

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    He got the larger screen,touch id, and the Siri thing is like the control
    center. Sure the wireless charging is a little ways aways but I think this
    could be a rea.. Sees iPhone turn into iPad mini then into iPad.

  15. Mike DeGross Said,

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    lmao…yeah you wish on the last…?

  16. Bobby George Said,

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    Dum ass?

  17. Jimena del Carmen Trejo Islas Said,


    Si es cierto eso??

  18. ItzJackMc Said,

    Better than Geccko

    Them rubber band electronics are BS?

  19. Canturk Balc? Said,

    Broker *****?

    Completely fake?

  20. selena la copiona Said,

    luxury Limos

    Regalenme un iPhone por favor quiero uno y no tengo el dinero necesario ?

  21. Pheng Vue Said,



  22. TheMinecraftGamer Said,

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    the 2nd one is possible and will happen?

  23. ?????? ?????? Said,


    ???? ??????? ????? ?????

  24. Snyggesite Said,

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    So fucking unreal!?

  25. mark coolpants Said,

    rebuild it

    Yea ok?

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