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How To Use Your Blackberry Data Plan On an iPhone NEW!

January 21, 2015
luqven asked:

YOUR IPHONE MUST BE JAILBROKEN & UNLOCKED IN ORDER TO DO THIS!!!!! This is a walkthrough on how I manage to get my BB data plan working on my iPhone with WOR…

New Site

  1. Onur Cam Said,

    New Site

    Will this also work on Turkish carriers? My carrier is Turkcell.

  2. armientij Said,

    Guitar Man Only

    does this work with other data plans im using the program right now and my
    internets working on 3g now but im hoping im not gonna get charged extra i
    have att?

  3. luqven Said,

    New Site

    i took the last one down because it didn’t show the data working and thanks
    for commenting BTW

  4. dumanski95 Said,


    i have a 3gs, so i cant unlock my phone, will this still work?

  5. Ben Ballard Said,

    lets share

    it’ll make you happy to know that I plan to get an iphone at christmas to
    replace this crap phone i have now

  6. garcom74 Said,

    New Site

    Hi… i’m kinda new to this… will this work with the 3G network (iPhone
    3G)?? would i incur in extra data usage on my plan?… Thanks

  7. luqven Said,

    swing her

    sorry typo…i had NO trouble switching back and forth, and yes works on 2g.

  8. Yungneeze7790 Said,


    so you cant keep using internet on the 2 different phones? and will this
    work on 2g?

  9. Yungneeze7790 Said,


    Will this work with an iphone 3gs and blackberry 9700..?

  10. Mario Ortiz Said,

    New Site

    AWSOME FIND!!!, I have been looking around for a few days now and stumbled
    into this video. It worked exactly as you said in 7 minutes on my iPhone 3Gs

  11. Spoons Said,

    Scrap Buyer

    I just got my brothers old iPhone 3GS because I **** my blackberry, will
    this work with an iPhone 3GS, I’m with virgin mobile and I have the
    BlackBerry Student Combo 55-1GB Plan

  12. luqven Said,

    70s Rock

    WOOOT! why don’t you get a $40 origional blackberry with bbm, get a
    blackberry plan, and then simply use your data plan on your iphone =), but
    then again it might just be simpler to get an iphone…

  13. watwat1116 Said,


    Helped perfectly

  14. Ricardo Felix Said,

    Blog Ideas

    Do I need to turn Roaming ON?

  15. watwat1116 Said,

    who called

    Helped out perfectly

  16. MzLNC Said,

    New Site

    will this work on the OS 4.0 and for tmobile?!

  17. chiforade Said,


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  18. Edwin Lopez Said,

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    The password wap.cingular… does it work with all carriers ? i mean is
    that like a default password or something???

  19. Focer Max Said,

    New Site

    thanks it worked for me

  20. luqven Said,

    read pad

    @ebaycrglst personally when I set up my data the voice plan just kind of
    worked. Have you tried to use the voice plan?

  21. thenewchance Said,

    rebuild it

    XD might do this once I get the money. $35 a month for unlim. data, and
    download apps for VOIP voice and data = unlimited service for $35 (about a
    third of sprint’s simply everything plan). Awesome video man, subscribed
    and favorited.

  22. derekhalisky Said,

    New Site

    yo i just got my iphone and i have no idea how to use it hahah except text
    and make phone calls but i wanna do more and i have to register my iphone
    but i dont have a credit card which ***** and i wanna get more aps and
    music can someone help ? thanks

  23. nyalboboy0x0 Said,

    New Site

    Blackberry to iphone **

  24. vinhbanh Said,

    English Tutor

    what about t-mobile? im trying to see if i can get to use internet and
    stuff on my iphone 3g unlocked

  25. Sebastien LeBlanc Said,

    movie down

    not your 3g

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